Class Attire

All students must either wear a Bodyrock Uniform, or all black dance wear to class.

* With the exception of our Tiny Twisters (ages 3-5 years) - Our Tiny's are welcome to wear any colour and style of dance wear they like :-)


Bodyrock Uniforms will be available to order in Term.1. 

A price list and sample sizes will be provided to try on in class.

If you do not have a uniform, and are waiting to recieve one, then you are to wear all black dance wear to class in the meantime.

Coloured clothing is NOT ACCEPTABLE, with the exception of our Bodyrock Jacket (which is Red)

If you do not have a Bodyrock Jacket for the winter months, then you may wear a PLAIN RED, or a PLAIN BLACK jacket. 

Bodyrock Jackets will also be available to order for winter.

For those waiting on a uniform, below are some examples of appropriate black dance attire: black singlet or crop top, black leotard, black bike shorts, black tights, black long dance pants, black ballet skirt, black ballet wrap around etc. * Please see some examples pictured below

Hair: Please make sure hair is neat and tidy - hair must be tied back in either a pony tail or a bun.

singlet top.jpg



Jazz & Pom/Drill students:

You must to wear soft black leather jazz shoes - no laces, below ankle height (as below)

*** No joggers or canvas shoes! ***

Modern/Contemporary students


You must wear soft pink leather ballet shoes - without ribbons. 

See below:

* If you are a Jazz student, you may wear your jazz shoes during modern/contemporary, HOWEVER, please note - you will STILL require pink leather ballet shoes for the concert